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Andrea Pirlo - Masterclass Defending

Posted by Stephen Williams on

Andrea Pirlo - Masterclass Defending Andrea Pirlo - Masterclass Defending

Showing you how to stay cool, while others are feeling the heat

Andrea Pirlo is seen as a God amongst men in the soccer world, what with his perfectly timed passes, precision set pieces' and his exquisitely crafted beard and people say Andrea Pirlo - Masterclass Defending...wait what?. But I think this video serves as a sign that, no matter where you play on the field, or how amazingly talented you are, you  do not have an excuse for not knowing what to do at a corner. Andrea Pirlo - Masterclass Defending will back you up when you do not do your job at a corner or you do not want to be marking the post, so if your coach or teammates ever ask "What were you doing?" you can show them this clip.

Andrea Pirlo - Masterclass Defending

I know he is one of the COOLEST players in the game, but this is too cool for school. Could he have at least showed a slight bit of effort? I wonder what could have been distracting him that he switched off for that precise moment? Was he thinking:
  • Do the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles really exist in New York City?
  • What could I have for dinner tonight?
  • Imagine if the opposition thinks I am the post, when in actual fact...I am not!
  • Do you think I could write a new book? "Andrea Pirlo - Masterclass Defending "
The possibilities are endless. What do you think he was daydreaming about?
If he needs lessons in giving it 110% and showing the world your defensive might, just get on the phone to Phil Jones. He will show you how it's done! We cannot guarantee you will ever learn how to be as cool as Andrea Pirlo, but we can certainly show you how to defend.

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