Britannia Coaches in Action - Issue #7

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Coach Adam - Mist...opportunity? 


As you may have been following in previous issues, Coach Adam and the Houston Dutch Lions have been in fine form of late and sit comfortably in 2nd place in the HFA Division 1A and this weekend they faced 1st place Real MC United FC in what was sure to be a great matchup.

When Sunday morning arrived, the players were greeted with a thick layer of mist/fog that really set the tone for Halloween weekend and not a Soccer game but anyhow the referee believed the game was okay to play and the game started.

Britannia Coaches in Action Issue 7 Fog SoccerWith no letup in the mist moving off the field, Coach Stephen had no chance to get any footage of the game (I know, I know...excuses).
Anyway, the game started fast-paced with both teams trying to take advantage of the poor visual conditions but for the Dutch Lions, they just could not hold the ball in midfield and find those through balls that they had done in previous games.

Coach Adam managed to work a few chances in the first half with a Goalkeeper who liked to venture out to mop up the defensive mistakes but he just couldn't get the break the team needed. It was the opposition that took advantage first after taking advantage of some sloppy passing out from the back they were quick to pounce on the loose ball and make it 1-0 at Half Time.

In typical Coach Adam fashion, he started the second half with a bang and got the Dutch Lions back into the game at 1-1 with his 9th Goal in 7 Games, keeping his goal scoring streak alive and what a fancy goal it was!

After great build up on the left-hand side, a wayward shot somehow found Adam in the box who back-heeled it into the top corner! 😳  To the delight of the Adam and the team they were back in the game! Asking Coach Adam after the game why he decided to choose that type of shot he said "I honestly thought I was offside so I wanted to show some skills. It wasn't until the referee said Great Goal that I knew it counted" 👈🏻  Cool Kid 😎

With both teams playing great soccer, you could see that this game was not going to end in a draw and that each side wanted to win and unfortunately for the Dutch Lions, it wasn't them.

Take the risk or going for the win and reap the rewards or understand the consequences of conceding and losing. Which is what the opposition did when they found space in behind the defense after a long ball and didn't hesitate in finishing off the chance and making it 2-1 with minutes left and sending the Houston Dutch Lions to their first defeat of the season.

There was plenty of chances to swing the game the other way but with soccer, it is all about taking your chances and it didn't happen for the Lions today. On a positive note, Adam's goal put him in joint 1st position for The Golden Boot in Division 1A with 9 goals. 👏 👏 👏

Coach Stephen - Can you retire if you never really played?


With his highly anticipated return to the field (😂 ), Stephen was hopeful that his injury had healed and that he was back to his best...I guess it was probably a blessing that his injury was still there because his performance was shocking and he likes to make excuses.

His University SC side took on Kallon Islanders Junior FC in a game that was the true statement of Men vs. Boys. After taking the lead against a depleted side, they then slipped to a 3-1 deficit before sneaking 1 before half time and making it 3-2.

Coach Stephen wasn't good enough and was getting fed up of getting elbowed in the teeth and the referee not understanding his "Englishness" but the quad injury reared its ugly head and forced Stephen off in the early minutes of the second half.

The game went south when University SC struggled to keep possession and play any form of soccer with the final score of 6-2, sending University SC to the bottom of the table. 💩

Coach Stephen will be hoping to return to action soon but may be looking to focus more on the coaching than the playing.

At least he doesn't have the worse record in Soccer at the moment. That achievement goes to Sunderland's Jack Rodwell who has started 32 premier league games......and not won a single game!

Next weekend, it is a competition of joint placed teams with joint 2nd taking on each other and joint bottom scraping it out.

The Houston Dutch Lions and Coach Adam will be looking to bounce back and make sure they are back to winning ways against Houston United Grenadiers in what is going to be another tough game.

Coach Stephen is probably best not playing as it is like playing with 10 men when he is on the field, but if his injury is healed he will be hoping to help his Univeristy SC team against Strikers FC.

Until next time...

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