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Britannia Coaches in Action - Issue #8

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Coach Adam - Somethings must come to an end

The first line of the poem IF by Rudyard Kipling comes to mind when you start to describe this game.

"If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs..."

The Houston Dutch Lions and Coach Adam were looking to bounce back from their first defeat of the season last weekend against this weekend's opposition Houston United Grenadiers...but it didn't go to plan.

The game started fast paced with plenty of end-to-end action before Houston United Grenadiers took advantage on a sloppy pass on a dodgy field and took the lead.

The Dutch Lions responded immediately after the restart with a great bit of play down the right-hand side for Coach Adam to cross the ball in, right into the path of Fernando who finished with precision to level the score at 1-1.

The second half saw a crazy sequence of events that I believe nobody really expected to happen.

10 minutes into the second half, the Houston Dutch Lions found themselves in a sticky situation when a long through ball found it's way over the defense and looked like it was an easy cleanup job for the Goalkeeper. In a bizarre turn of events, the rushing goalkeeper came out of his area and misjudged the bounce...raising his hand to stop the ball. So the Dutch Lions found themselves down to 10 men and having to regroup.

The next event is purely down to a referee who was young and inexperienced with making his own decisions and not using his assisting officials to help with his decisions and not the opposition player who is shouting in his ear...anyway...

Another sloppy pass got picked off and a through ball on the floor headed towards the goalkeeper who was rushing out to deal with the 1 v 1 attempt. The goalkeeper went to ground as the player tried to push the ball around him and it hit the goalkeeper in the chest and deflected away. Within seconds, grown men threw their arms around like inflatable advertising tubes and shouted in the referee's ear to give another red card...which of course he did. 

With the Dutch Lions now down to 9 men, Coach Adam was replaced with the focus remaining on keeping the 1-1 result intact.

In the remaining 10 minutes, the Dutch Lions had a handful of opportunities to snatch victory against the 11 man opposition but in the good ole fashion of the game, they were on the receiving end of a defeat. 

Once again a long ball found the depleted defense napping and without too much pressure, Houston United Grenadiers got the late winner and finished off the game 2-1.

As disappointed Adam was that his goal streak was over, he was happy to help assist and tried his best to make himself chances even with the game falling apart around him. 

Not to put too much blame on the referee for this game, it is hard to play in a game where decisions are not seen equally and consequences are not punished the same way. Hopefully, the kid learns from his mistakes and has better control of the next game.

Coach Stephen - Cameraman

With Coach Stephen still recovering from last weekend's drubbing and the realisation that he should stick to coaching, he turned his skills to the camera for Adam game.

Working the camera with precision and accuracy he was able to capture the incorrect decision of the 2nd Red Card and made sure to tell the referee that he got it wrong afterwards.

While Coach Adam and the Dutch Lions were playing, Stephen's University SC was battling away in the bottom of the table clash, which saw an exciting game send University SC rock bottom with a last minute 4-3 defeat.

Coach Stephen's Monday night game for the Stingrays in the HWSA was cancelled because of the weather so it was another day to rest that injury.

This weekend sees Coach Adam play a double header with Cup and League duties. Saturday sees them face lower division opposition in Shooting Stars FC in the Memorial Cup and Sunday back to league action against EFC Premier.

Coach Stephen is thinking of changing the title of the blog posts to just Britannia Coach in Action as he very rarely graces the soccer field these days. If he does manage to get on the field his Univeristy SC is taking on CJ's Barca on Sunday morning!

Until next weekend...

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