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Britannia Player Profile: Sam

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Player Profile

Britannia Soccer Academy will be writing a number of player profiles to highlight the achievements and developments that each player has done over their time playing soccer as well as their time with Britannia.

The first player to start us off in this series of profiles is Sam.

Britannia Player Profile Sam

Sam started playing soccer at the early age of 2 years old, in Scotland, UK and has been playing soccer ever since. Sam has got a very impressive resume of places he has played soccer, starting with Aberdeen, Scotland where he played for his local club and school team. He then took his talents to Brazil where he played for St. Paul's School in Sao Paulo before playing for The British School in Rio de Janeiro.

Player Profile Sam Player Development Soccer Academy

Sam, who is 10 years old, then brought his wide range of talents to America and recently played AND won the 2016 spring league with Katy Youth Soccer. For the 2016/17 season, he has been offered a place to play with SG1 on their '05 Black team



By playing in many different places and countries, it allowed Sam to learn lots about the game and let the local culture influence his game. We see this each weekend when Sam attends our Player Development Academy sessions with his silky skills, creative flair, and tactical knowledge.

When asked he said that one of his highlights while playing recently was "Nutmegging 3 Under 18 girls in a row while playing against them in a friendly" he also mentioned that "Nutmegging Coach Steve multiple times was high on his list" but this last highlight cannot be verified because no one can nutmeg Coach Steve...Sorry, Sam!

Player Profile Sam and Coach Steve Britannia Soccer Academy

Sam takes his soccer very seriously and we can see that in every single training session he attends. Pep Guardiola (Current Manchester City manager) once said "If you train badly, you play badly. If you work like a beast in training, you play the same way." and this applies to Sam with his training. Every session he works to make himself a better player, and that rubs off on the other players around him.

Sam has a bright future ahead of him on and off the soccer field. He said that he hopes to take his soccer to the next level in the 2016/17 season as well playing varsity soccer in the future. 

Congratulations Sam!


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  • I love watching Sam’s incredible footwork. His megging 3 U18 girls was one of many Sam highlights during our Katy Youth season. Sam was our set play specialist and no one in the league was better than Sam! He scored/setup many goals on set plays. Keep working hard Sam!

    Jason vernon on

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