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Celebrating Player Achievement

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Player achievement is something at Britannia Soccer Academy we love to highlight, players join us from all different clubs and we like to showcase their hard work and effort. Soccer seasons can be long, tiring, and draining but many of our players at the Academy have told us the tales of their soccer campaigns each weekend  when they join us for their Player Development Academy sessions. Cameron Most Improved player Trophy player achievementThis past weekend we were delighted to see our friend Cameron accompanied by his trophy that he was awarded by his Soccer Club. There are many trophies and awards, that are handed out at end of season ceremonies like Top Goalscorer, Man of the Match, Managers Player of the season, and more, but the award that we like to see our players achieve is Most Improved, and that is what Cameron was awarded by his club SG1. Cameron is part of our Player Development Academy and joins us each weekend with match reports on the last game he played. He tells us about how his team did during the game as well as how he performed during the game, with details of how he had used the previous sessions coaching points in the game. We were delighted to see Cameron arrive at his PDA session with his Most Improved Player trophy. It was a joy to see and a great player achievement! Cameron told us that at the awards ceremony, only two trophies were given out to players on the team and Cameron received on of them. It is always great to see one of our Academy players receive an award that recognizes the hard work and effort they do on the soccer field. It is a fantastic achievement for other coaches to recognize the hard work the player has shown. Cameron is a very talented player who works extremely hard on and off the field and has a lot of talent. Congratulations Cameron!

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Just because it is the offseason, does not mean you should switch off your learning, keep it going and you could be better than ever before the start of next season.

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