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Congratulations to our League Winners - ANSA Imperial 01 Girls

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HYSA Fall 2016 League Winners

At the start of the 2016 fall soccer season, we were delighted to become a part of the training setup for Coach Tino and his ANSA Imperial Girls team. Having previously been under the Albion Hurricanes banner, the girls had made the switch to All Nations Sports Academy for the Fall 2016 season and alongside Britannia Soccer Academy coaching we made it a GREAT season!

Having played together for some time already, the girls had a great cohesion and chemistry which showed throughout each and every game they played taking on teams from Lamar SC, Eclipse, and Angleton. This is ultimately the reason behind the girls having such a successful season, not to mention the professional coaching from Britannia and the support from each and every parent.

We just want to take a brief moment to thank the parents because it's not just about getting the girls to and from training and games, it is about the enthusiasm and excitement they show everytime we see them. This helps us a great deal and we would not have been anywhere near the high standards that the girls show now. So from us here at Britannia, we thank you, parents, 👏 👏 👏

Britannia Soccer Academy ANSA Imperial 01 Girls Team

(Left to right)

(Top: Reagan/Nyia/Erin/Mariana/Manal/Karina/Ana)

(Bottom: Elise/Katia/Alyssa/Kristina/Andrea/Madison/Kylie)

The Squad

  • Kristina Burgos #8
  • Manal Haque #11
  • Reagan Gonser #5
  • Alyssa Ceja #13
  • Ana Siegfried-Graniel #16
  • Niya Damian #26
  • Mariana Sedita #7 
  • Katia Maldonado #44
  • Madison White #25 
  • Kylie Stevens #1
  • Karina Tobias #9
  • Andrea Laureano #12
  • Elise Cheramine #20
  • Erin Mazza #22

Undefeated Season

At Britannia, we are not one to gloat or boast but we think we should just this once because of the achievements of the girls this season. Being a coach I like to look at the stats and I want to share some with you here:

  1. Played 9 Games - Won 9 Draws 0 Losses 0 
  2. Top Goal Scorers - 62 Goals
  3. Best Defense - 6 Goals Conceded
  4. 4 Clean sheets

We can look at plenty of stats from the regular season but these are the most impressive as it is a team performance. When the attack was on fire, the defense also came to play! Let's take a deeper look at the stats from the season:

Goals Scored Average: 7 goals per game (6.89) or a goal every 12 minutes (11.61)

Goals Against Average: 0.67 or a goal every 120 minutes!

What does this mean for the team and trainers?

For everyone at Britannia Soccer Academy, it means that what we do day in, day out works! Since day one we set the standards high for both training and game day, and the girls have delivered every single time. We are full of pride when we see how each and every girl has progressed this season both on and off the field, it truly is an honor to work with such talented and respectful players.

As for the team, we have taken what they had already known and pushed it high and further. The girls understanding of the technical/tactical aspects of the game has developed tremendously and we have seen this each and every week during training and delivered on the field during games.

We are still not done...

Now that the regular season is over, it's now for us to head to STATE!

So just as we tell the girls...The easy part is done, enjoy the glory of being League Winners but now we want the next prize...STATE CHAMPIONS!

Please make sure you give all the girls the support they deserve and we hope you can come out and support them with us on December 10th-11th.

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