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Mario Kart Soccer

Posted by Amy White on

Mario Kart Soccer

This video is a little snippet from our Player Development Academy Under 6 Saturday morning group, playing Mario Kart Soccer. The aim of the game is for players to drive around the racetrack, avoiding obstacles and falling off the track. The racetrack has many twists and turns, wide and narrow areas as well as Coach Steve playing the role as Bowser, which means racers have to be very careful whilst driving. Have a watch and see how fun this game really is!

Make sure you Like the video and subscribe to our YouTube page.  For soccer development, this game is great as it allows players to go at their own pace. Focusing on key areas like control and dribbling helps players to understand the techniques and skills they need. Players learn that during this game they must keep the ball close to them at all times, allowing them to easily maneuver around obstacles, other drivers and staying on the track. By adding dribbling, players can now move the ball around the track concentrating on keeping it close. Just like in a game of soccer, if a player was to kick the ball too far away from them they may lose possession, but here they might end up falling off the track. Allowing players to go at their own speed helps them develop key ball manipulation and a greater understanding of spatial awareness. Players are not just looking at the ball, they are now focusing on the track (space in front of them), the other drivers (protecting their soccer ball) and keeping their ball close.

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