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Soccer Playtime by Britannia Soccer Academy

Posted by Amy White on

Soccer Playtime by Britannia Soccer Academy

We just wanted to share some of the great photos we got from our Soccer Playtime on Sunday 8th November. A BIG Thank You to all that turned up to make it such a fun, enjoyable and energetic session! The U6 Program will incorporate all the fun games and activities we played, whilst teaching the players the fundamentals of the game. Make sure to check out our Player Development Academy to have loads more fun while you learn about Soccer! The Player Development Academy takes place on both Saturday and Sunday's, so there is no reason to miss out on all the fun!!! Be sure to check out the Events Calendar to see when our programs are running. Plus take advantage of our 15% OFF both Player Development Academy and Britannia Soccer Academy Adidas Uniform by using coupon code: GOALBSA15 when registering.

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