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Soccer Training Sample

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Soccer Training Sample

At Britannia Soccer Academy we work to develop the players further through our professional coaching and advanced training curriculum. By incorporating Long Term Player Development: The 4-corner Model, we grow the players through taking the fundamentals of the game and building a stronger foundation, meaning they will be on another level compared to those players who do not train with our Academy as shown in the Soccer Training Sample. This Soccer Training Warm Up shows you an insight into one of the many warm-up activities we use on our programs. This was filmed during one of our Striker Technical Programs, with our buddy who recently made the Junior Varsity Soccer Team for Fosters High School and Coach Adam who is playing Varsity soccer for Willam B Travis High School.

Soccer Training Sample

This simple Soccer Training Warm-Up is not just getting the players ready for the session ahead but it also incorporates all areas of the 4-corner model and covers actions that are game/match related. In the Technical Corner, we are working on Passing, Control, First Touch. In the Psychological Corner, we are working on Decision Making, Painting "Game Images", Understanding how this affects "My Game". In the Physical Corner, we are working on ABC'S, Reactions, Increasing the heart rate and warming the muscles ready for the session. In the Social Corner, we are working on Types of Communication, Critical Thinking, Teamwork. Who would have thought that you could get all of that, plus much more from a simple warm up? Do you see that much knowledge and effort going into your average team warm up? Take a closer look next time... If this is the amount of detail going into a warm up, you know that you will be getting the best from our Programs.

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