Britannia Soccer Club

Technical Programs

Britannia Soccer Academy’s Technical Programs are catered to teach players, all about their specific position on the field.

From Goalkeeper to Striker, we have a program that suits every player's positional needs.

Within this one to one environment, players learn from our highly qualified and professional coaches, about how to shine in their position, and become more confident and skilled during their games.

Sessions are 60 minutes in duration and can be booked in 1, 5, or 10 session amounts.

We use every training session to give players the attention they need, allowing each player to enjoy their own training session and work on specific areas of their game.

We also work with you to schedule each session at a time and day that suits you, which we do through our events calendar.

So, once you select an available free slot…it is yours.

We supply all the professional equipment, including soccer balls, so you don’t have to worry.

Want to find out how our professional coaches can help your game? Click on the programs to read more.