Britannia Soccer Club

About Britannia Soccer Club

Britannia Soccer Club provides competitive soccer teams for players aged 8 to 14 years old, both boys and girls. Every training session is delivered by our highly qualified and professional coaching staff in a safe, enjoyable and pressure-free environment.

We focus on developing players on and off the field using Long-Term Player Development: 4-corner model, which helps players to gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to perform long into the future of their soccer.

Britannia Soccer Club is a proud member of US Club Soccer

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Our Mission

Britannia Soccer Club aims to provide an environment in which players in all teams develop their soccer skills and knowledge, enabling them to enjoy the beautiful game in all its' glory and grow in confidence. Children can develop their game through Long Term Player Development and grow in confidence on and off the field. Player Development comes before winning, but all players will learn about the game.

Our Philosophy

Player Development is our focus and we aim to make every player confident and skilled on the field. Using the FA 4-corner Model to grow players using Long Term Player Development with the outcome of becoming exceptional and confident players.

Our Teams

In 2017, Britannia Soccer Club debuted with 2 Under 11 teams and we are looking to grow in the future. If you want to join us for the upcoming season, head to our Tryout Registration page to fill in your details.

Our Staff

Stephen Williams
Stephen Williams
Director of Coaching
Derek Williams
Derek Williams
Director of Teams & Head Coach
Chris Lipasek
Club Team Manager