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Britannia Adidas Uniform

Adidas ClimaLite® is designed to keep athletes cool and dry during warm weather sessions. By pulling sweat away from the body to the outer surface, Adidas Climalite prevents sweat and heat buildup. While there are many similar fabrics on the market, it's the unique engineering of Adidas Climalite that sets it apart from the pack.

What is it?

Adidas ClimaLite® is a fabric designed for activities in warm conditions. Its most common form is an innovative design that features cotton on the outer fabric and a cool-to-the-touch synthetic material underneath. While many moisture wicking products are mostly polyester, Climalite's cotton and the synthetic combo makes for a softer feel. There are also Adidas Climalite variations that feature a hydrophilic coating to further enhance the outer surface's sweat-pulling properties.

Why have the Britannia Soccer Academy Adidas Uniform?

We want ALL of our players to be a part of our family. We want each and every player who comes to BSA to feel as if they are apart of something bigger! It also allows us to create a professional environment, where coaches and players are wearing the Britannia badge and uniform. Every player who joins our Player Development Academy must purchase this uniform, but it is not required for any of our Individual Technical Programs.

We only supply the best.

Note: All fees are included.

BSA Adidas Uniform - Britannia Soccer Club Katy Cinco Ranch Sugar Land
  • $70.72

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