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Outfield Soccer Players Technical Program

The Outfield Players Technical program is for defenders and midfielders. This technical program offers players a variety of options and accommodates for all ability levels.

During the one hour a week individualized training, players can work on developing the position they play already, work on a position they want to play in the future or explore other positions within the game they feel they will excel in. Each coaching session is delivered by one of our highly qualified and professional coaching staff, in a safe, friendly and pressure free environment to achieve the best out of all the players. Our coaches use the Long Term Player Development: The 4-corner Model with a player, which is vital because unlike other coaches we teach all four corners to help build the confidence and competence of the player.

Britannia teaches the technical fundamentals of the position which includes:

  • First touch and control
  • Understanding your role in the team/formation
  • Spatial awareness and exploiting space
  • Movement on and off the ball
  • Timing tackles
  • Playing as a unit
  • Using possession wisely

Our advanced curriculum will then take the basics and develop it further through a number of topics related to the game including:

  • Playing under pressure.
  • Tactical knowledge, including playing in different formations.
  • Playing scenarios
  • Playing out from the back/Playing through the thirds.
  • Decision making and Vision.
  • When and where to apply pressure on the field.
  • What to do when your team has/has not got possession.

This will help you to focus on not only the individual role you play in your position on the field, but also the roles of your teammates as a group.

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Outfield Soccer Players Technical Program - Britannia Soccer Club Katy Cinco Ranch Sugar Land
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