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Soccer Goalkeeper Technical Program

Britannia's Goalkeeper Technical program gives the opportunity for goalkeepers of any ability, to focus on developing the key attributes of the position including handling, shot-stopping, distribution and footwork in individual training sessions. Each one hour coaching session is delivered by one of our highly qualified and professional coaching staff, in a safe, friendly and pressure free environment.

Through our Advanced Goalkeeping curriculum, we establish a solid platform for the goalkeeper to work from and to become confident with the key attributes listed above. This is done by teaching the technical fundamentals of the position which includes:

  • The "Set" Position
  • The "Scoop, Cup and W" Technique
  • The Collapsing Save
  • The "Low and High" Diving Save
  • One vs. one
  • Dealing with Crosses
  • Distribution: Throwing and Passing

Advanced Goalkeeper Training in Katy

Our Advanced Goalkeeping curriculum will then take these basics and develop them further through a number of topics related to the game including:

  • Shot Stopping: Inside/Outside penalty area, attackers approach is angled and central.
  • One vs. one: Attackers approach is angled and central, recovering defender.
  • Dealing with Crosses: Near/Far Post, in swinging crosses, crosses from deep positions, cutback crosses.
  • Distribution: Throwing to feet or space, receiving and distributing back passes, pass to feet or space.

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Soccer Goalkeeper Technical Program - Britannia Soccer Club Katy Cinco Ranch Sugar Land
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