Soccer Player Development Academy

What is the Player Development Academy?

Imagine your child playing in a game, receiving the ball, controlling it with ease and confidence. They then move the ball up the field, linking up with teammates making crisp passes and showing the fearlessness of being under pressure and still keeping possession of the ball. Imagine them getting into an attacking position and being able to calmly pick out a teammate for a goal or better yet, have the assurance to score themselves.

This is what the Player Development Academy is all about. Developing your player! 

We will be using the Player Development Academy to scout for new players.

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The Player Development Academy is Britannia’s 10-week rolling program, that focuses on teaching all players, regardless of ability and experience, the fundamentals that make soccer players confident and skilled on the field.

Our 10-week rolling program means you must complete your 10 training sessions continuously, one session after the other.

    With the Player Development Academy, Britannia delivers all the key aspects of the game through their coaching curriculum by using the Long Term Player Development: The 4-corner Model. This helps reinforce and strengthen the fundamentals that every player needs.

    Every session is fun and is delivered by a highly qualified, and professional coach, in a safe, friendly and pressure-free environment, to achieve the best out of all the players.

    On completion, every player receives a detailed player report and can resign to continue their learning, with the professionals at Britannia Soccer Academy.

    The breakdown of sessions will now consist of a 50/50 split between Fundamentals and Game Scenarios.

    50% of the session will be based on our technical coaching curriculum, where we teach the players the fundamentals of Soccer to make them better technically and more confident.

    The Fundamentals - 50%

    Britannia focuses in the key areas of:

    • Passing
    • Receiving/1st Touch
    • Turning
    • Dribbling/Running with the Ball
    • Defending qualities
    • Attacking qualities

    Game Scenarios - 50%

    In the second part of the session, we focus on delivering advanced technical material to players during game scenarios so they can learn about the many possibilities of a game. Some examples are:

    • Possession
    • Counter Attacking play
    • Angles of support
    • Working as a unit
    • Playing under pressure and in tight areas
    • Playing/Game scenarios
    • Mindset when winning/losing

    By doing this, we know that the players are able to achieve success in any challenges faced on the field and will put them in an advanced position compared to those players who have not been taught this material.

      Session Duration and Start Times

      Sessions resume AUGUST 6TH 2017



      60 minutes per week

      3:00pm to 4:00pm

      Under-16: NEW TRAINING TIME!

      75 minutes per week

      3:00pm to 4:15pm

      8 to 13 Years Old: NEW TRAINING TIME!

      4:15pm to 5:30pm

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      BSA Adidas Uniform

      BSA Adidas Uniform is a requirement for ALL players and is a one-time purchase. If you are a new player, please select the size in the "Adidas Uniform Size" drop-down during checkout.

      This package includes a Britannia Soccer Academy Adidas Climalite™ Uniform (Jersey, shorts, & socks). For first time customers, this must be added to your checkout through the "Adidas Uniform Size" drop-down.

      This will automatically add your BSA Adidas Uniform cost ($70.72) to your checkout.

      Returning players do not need to repurchase a full uniform but can buy individual items through the store online.


      • Our previous one session reschedule has now changed. More information can be found on our Forms & Policies page.

      Note: All fees are included. If you wish to pay by Cash/Check please contact us via E-Mail.

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