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Soccer Striker Technical Program

The Striker Technical program is for those attack-minded players who want to focus on gaining the knowledge, confidence, and technique to take their game further. Each coaching session is delivered by one of our highly qualified and professional coaching staff, in a safe, friendly and pressure free environment to achieve the best out of all the players. Through our advanced attacking curriculum, we establish a solid platform for our attack-minded players to work from and to become confident with the key attributes they need to develop further as a striker. This is done by teaching the technical fundamentals of the position which includes:

  • First touch and control
  • Shooting technique
  • Power and Finesse shooting
  • Hold up/Link up play
  • Movement on and off the ball
  • Spatial awareness
  • Losing a defender
  • Strength, Speed, and Reactions

The Long Term Player Development: The 4-corner Model is vital here as we are working in all four corners, and we aim to help build the confidence and competence of the striker. This is for all players wanting to develop their attack-minded position, from those lacing their cleats for the first time to those already involved in teams.

Our Advanced Striker curriculum will then take this platform and develop it further through a number of topics related to the game including:

  • Playing with back to goal
  • Playing in a formation – 442, 433 or 451 and the role you play in these formations
  • Exploiting space for yourself and teammates
  • Attacking balls in the air – Crosses, corners, and free kicks.
  • Decision making and Vision
  • Composure

All of the Britannia Soccer Academy programs are focused on The Long Term Player Development: The 4-corner Model, as we believe this is not a quick process for development and it takes time for players to grow with the training we deliver.

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